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The Daydreamer is waiting to take your group or family on a trip into the Chesapeake Bay. A place where rockfish weighing as much as 50 pounds thrive. See the excitement of seabirds diving into the foray to eat the leftovers as big rockfish feed on baitfish. Watch the rods bend as we troll through the feeding schools. We could be trolling, livelining, or chumming, the main thing is we are relaxing and having a good time on the Beautiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Daydreamer crew will do all we can to make your day an enjoyable one.

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The new RodnReel parking garage is open! Just turn left at the light like you are going to the RodnReel and make your first left to enter the garage. Parking is free!

If you plan on booking do it now while there are openings!

- Capt. Ken

Rod 'n Reel Dock
4165 Mears Avenue
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732
Call Captain Ken: 703-477-5272
Rod n' Reel Fishing Center: 1-800-233-2080
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